You have no automated metering set up in your organisation and/or are working with manual readout of meters.


You have a mix of automated meter readings and manual meter readings and might have different systems to handle your meters operations.


You have been using automated meter readings for a while and want to use Utilitarian to replace your current system or integrate Utilitarian with your current system.


Main Components

Your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) needs a few components to work other than Utilitarian. You might already have them in place or you will need get the components. In either case we can help you to set it all up and recommend providers.


The core component of your Smart Meter setup is of course the meters themselves. Utilitarian supports many different kinds of meters due to our generic interfaces. We also have implemented several custom interfaces to support specific functions in selected meters.

When choosing meters you have to look at what media you want to measure and what you plan to do with the data. If you are under regulations as a utility company you will have other needs than a large industrial company or a realestate company.

When you know what you want to do with the data, for example billing or energy optimization, we can take a look at what demands we need to put on the meter and its communication.

You might choose a communication protocol like DLMS/COSEM or Mbus depending on media and meter. To make it a bit more complicated there are usually several variants of the protocol and you will have to pick a companion standard, like IDIS for DLMS/COSEM or OMS for Mbus. If you are unsure of what you need we can assist in sorting out all the different requirements and specifications.


Utilitarian focuses on supporting point-to-point meters over IP communications. Your meters can communicate using any cellular network, 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M or over fixed Ethernet.

Each meter will need a SIM card. This can either be a physical SIM or an embedded version.

To secure communications it is customary to set up a private APN with the Mobile Network Operator that is linked to your IT environment via IPSec tunneling. This ensures that only your system can connect to the meters.

There are some more considerations when choosing communication type and operator concerning functions and price. We can assist you with all your questions about communication and help you set it up to work with Utilitarian.

Only need our expertise?

We understand that for some companies it is not possible to use Utilitarian for internal regulations, investment in other systems, etc. But we can still offer our expertise in Smart Metering if you have the need.

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You will need an instance of Utilitarian

We can host Utilitarian as a service in the cloud or you can run Utilitarian behind a firewall on your private infrastructure.

Managed Cloud

We oversee the setup, security and maintenance of your Utilitarian instance.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Scale easily as you grow
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Install Utilitarian on a private server that your team sets up and maintains for security.

  • Run anywhere on containers
  • Full System Administrator control
  • Hook into your current stack
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Get your environment ready

Independent of your hosting options we set up an on-boarding project and help you get all systems up and running.

Datacenter Prep

We will help you get your IT infrastructure up and running and set up IPsec tunnels to any mobile operator.

Master Data Prep

We will help you go over your master data and migrate all necessary data to Utilitarian.

Custom Integrations

We can assist you in building custom integration using the data streams in Utilitarian or help you utilize our API in the best ways.

End-to-end testing

We will help you with end-to-end testing from Utilitarian to your meters to verify that everything is set up correctly and work as intended.

Operations Training

We offer training for your Ops-team in how to run and monitor Utilitarian using open source technologies that they are already comfortable with.


Getting your meters to talk to Utilitarian


We can assist you in your procurement process to make sure you get the meters you need to manage your use cases.


We can manage your installation project and help you finding partners for installing new meters or migrating current meters in the field.


If you already have meters in the deployed in the field we can manage the process to migrate them all to Utilitarian.


Learn the daily workflow of Utilitarian


We can train your AMR team in using Utilitarian to maximize the experience.

Out source operation

It is also possible to hire us to do the daily AMR work. If you are interested in this option just contact us.